Saturday, November 24, 2007

Web Analytics... Do we really need to spend this much??

Direct Marketers and Online Marketers have been attempting to understand exactly what works and why. In there thirst for knowledge they have been willing to pay whatever it costs to get this valuable information. There are all kinds of services available for tracking visitors and clicks. These services are a waste of money. Google provides the most simple and easy to use solution available. The amazing part is that its FREE. Yes, that's right its free. No monthly cost. Any time you interact with Google - you are adding to your level interaction with the search giant.
Everyone should have there home page linked to a Google Analytics account - just for the benefit of knowing exactly where your customers are coming from and who are your biggest referers. If 80% of your traffic is coming from one source you may want to look at ways to diversify your online presence. All it will take is for them to change a page and your business will be drastically reduced. The second advantage is the ability to know what keywords for your CPC(cost per click) programs are doing the best. Also, which natural search keywords are resulting in traffic. This can help you know what people are expecting when they get to your site.


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