Thursday, June 22, 2017

Co-operative Database - Accessing multiple lists for building diverse mailings

We work with a couple of co-operative databases that are great for large B2B mailers.  Data is uploaded quarterly and mailers only pay for what the mail on a monthly basis.  They can build the mailing they want buy choosing from lots of different lists which target certain categories. The biggest advantage of this list is the ability to test the file against other lists and track your results. 

Promotional companies use this file alot, as they do a lot of catalogue mailers.  The biggest advantage is the ability to find great sources to use and provide regression programs.  Added selections of SIC and title selection. 

The 2 top Databases that offer co-operatives are MeritDirect and InfoUSA.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wedding Lists - Email and Direct Mail List Options

We just received recent updates on several of our wedding files:
• The Bridal Network
• And More!

Each of these files have wedding date available and consist of ideal prospects for a variety of consumer offers!

You can also receive a gift card for testing these files - for any test order of at least 10,000 names you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card!

Let me know what you’re working on and I’ll send over information.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Identify Companies on Your Website

Are you a B2B company that does outbound lead generation?

What if I told you that there is a solution out there that can show you companies that are visiting your website but did not inquire with you. Pretty powerful right!
Website identification can not only show you companies visiting your website, it can also show you how much time they spend, if they return multiple times, where they go, and the ability to score them based on many different parameters like revenue, # of employees, pages visited, industry, and many others.

Clickback WEB is a must have outbound lead generation tool. Why just make cold calls when you can make strategic cold calls to companies who at very least have visited your website and shown some interest. For marketing teams this also helps them follow and connect with companies that are showing some interest in your product or service.

Empower your outbound efforts by following up with companies that have visited your website and utilize visit scoring to pass hot leads to sales and warm leads to marketing.

After a short demo with one of Clickback’s account experts they will set you up with a 14 day free trial.
Best part is they are giving 20% off with the promo code below if you decide to continue using this amazing solution after your trial.

Promo Code: WL20WEB

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kobe Bryant starting new Venture Capital Fund

Kobe Bryant has launched a new fund that will be catering to the world of marketing and data.  Bryant Stibel will be a fund that targets Tech and Data companies that need capital. founder Bryant Stibel is partnering with him on the venture as they now seek outside backing.  They had previously partnered on other ventures including The Players Tribune, Scopely and LegalZoom.

It will be interesting to see how this new venture pans out - for Kobe's sake I hope his business savvy can match the basketball skills.  Its hard to know exactly where he invest his funds - exciting to see that he sees opportunity with this space. 

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Eight Email Marketing Tricks Designed To Grow Share.

Granted, marketers may have shinier, sexier tools in their arsenal than good old-fashioned email, but seven in ten say such messages are core to their business, according to a survey by And that remains very much the case for radio broadcasters.
Long a core proficiency for broadcasters, email marketing as part of integrated sales offerings can help stations book from $100K-$650K a year, according to a leading database marketing solutions provider.

“Reports of the death of email have been greatly exaggerated,” Michelle Novak, manager, client sales & services, Presslaff Interactive Revenue, said during a webinar last week. “It’s changing and evolving and with data segmentation and automation; it’s becoming more powerful.”
One in five consumers say they read every email they receive, according to Forrester Research, and 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day on their smartphone.
When sold as part of an integrated sales package, email marketing can help radio grow its share of digital dollars. 

Dedicated Sponsor Advertiser Offer—One of the most lucrative and common ways to monetize email, these are savings and special offers sent to database members who have opted in to receive them on behalf of an advertiser. Send: 3 times/week; Price: $250-$1,050 per sponsor

Multi-Sponsor Advertiser Offer—A savings email that includes multiple offers from multiple clients. Send: Weekly; Sponsors: 4; Price: $150-$750 per sponsor

Dedicated Content Newsletters—Devoted to a specific topic area, such as health and fitness, real estate, concerts or recipes. Send: Weekly; multiple categories; Price: $500-$4,000 per sponsor/month

Daily Newsletter Advertising—Includes sports, news and business headlines along with sponsor ads. Send: Daily; Sponsors: 3; Price: $495-$1,500 per sponsor/month

Weekly Newsletter Advertising—Features station content or a recap of the week’s news. Send: Weekly; Sponsors: 3; Price: $1,000-$4,200 per month

Geo-targeted emails—Special offers targeted by zip code to opt-in database members in the client’s trading zone. Send: Daily; Sponsors: 4; Price: $1,200-$7,600 per month

Birthday email—A birthday greeting that includes a client coupon sold as an annual package. “You’re getting credit for remembering their birthday and making money at the same time, driving customers to your advertisers,” Novak said. Send: Daily; Sponsors: 4; Price: $175-$750 per sponsor/month

Contest Follow Up—An offer involving a contest sponsor that takes advantage of upsell opportunities to generate customer leads. Send: With contests; Sponsors: 1 per month; Price: $100-$500 per email.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Information that you feel comfortable offering

What data is too personal?
Web history and mobile phone numbers are the least likely to be shared, according to a new Aimia report.

Most marketers will tell you a balance must be struck when it comes to collecting consumers’ information and then providing them with some benefit in return.
But research from Aimia’s Global Loyalty Lens suggests that while more than a quarter of Canadian consumers (26%) are open to giving up personal information in exchange for better services and benefits, only 8% feel the latter has been fulfilled. And globally, only 23% of consumers consider the communications they receive from businesses to be highly relevant.
In exchange for personalization, relevance and rewards, Canadian consumers are typically open to sharing seven to eight of 13 pieces of information – the top being their name (82%, on par with global stats), email address (81%, compared to 83% globally), nationality (73%, compared to 82% globally), as well as their date of birth and hobbies and interests (both ranking at 68% and below global figures).
And what kind of data are the fewest number of Canadians willing to share? Web history came in at 22% (compared to 27% globally), followed by their mobile phone number (31%) and online purchases (36%). And according to the research, consumers can’t be incentivized to give up information they’re not interested in revealing. Moreover, consumers manage the data they reveal, with the research pointing to how one in five Canadians have closed an account or subscription due to a concern around their personal data.
While in most cases Canadian figures were lower than global averages, consumers here are more willing to share their household information (63% compared to 59% globally) and income level (48% versus 43%).
Globally, 68% of consumers believe their data to be valuable, with 31% calling it highly valuable. Moreover, millennials and Gen Z consumers are the most likely cohorts to offer up their mobile phone numbers.
The global study surveyed more than 20,000 consumers in 11 countries.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

CASL - Rules - Can I still do email marketing?

Canadian Companies have been working hard to determine how much CASL rules will effect them.  After working with many of our clients to develop a winning a strategy based on how the law effects their individual needs we have gained an indepth understanding of what works.
 Marketers looking to target consumers need to work hard to secure opt in from all people they wish to email.  Or they need to pay a 3rd party for the right to blast to their list.  As a list broker, we can connect you with list owners who have the right people for your offer.  These partners have gone through the hassle of acquiring permission to email these individuals.  As the email comes from their ISP, you are kept at arms length of any CASL issues.   Our partners have often gone to the extent of developing greater information sets around the contact.  These include surveys, buying behaviour, demographics, index data, etc.  This will enhance and ensure that your marketing message is reaching the right individuals.  
 If you are looking to target businesses and you have a relevant offer for them.  You can still do non-permission based email marketing.  As long as the contact has made their email conspicuously available for anyone to collect.  The offer must be relevant to the duties that the individual performs; ie HR SOFTWARE for HR Database.  This offer is something the individual would find of value, sending them an offer for dog walking is not the right fit. 

When we target the right offer with the right list, the response can be tremendous.  Email marketing is still the cheapest form of DM.  Don't be worried about the issues around email marketing, if you need to get something out we can help.

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