Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Canada's Anti Spam Law - Great Success? Not So Fast

The major tragedy of the "WORLD LEADING" anti spam laws have been the thousands of small b2b marketers who can no longer cost effectively market their services.  B2B email marketing is still done everywhere else in the world, Canada has made it illegal.  The CMA(Canadian Marketing Association) made the recommendation, it was meant to return people to the large b2b publishers as a source for advertising.  That failed. 

Business to business advertising is now incredibly expensive and Canadian marketers are forced to turn to old school options. While their US competitors can do all the data mining and email marketing they wish.

True we no longer have data compilers emailing us non-stop with useless offers.

Our job creation continues to rely on a week Canadian dollar and exporting our  resources around the world.   

Forgive the expression, but you threw the baby out with the bath water.

Lumping business email in with consumer solicitation and hampering the ability of marketers to market there services was a challenge to everyone who made a living by this form of growth


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