Wednesday, July 8, 2015

CASL - Rules - Can I still do email marketing?

Canadian Companies have been working hard to determine how much CASL rules will effect them.  After working with many of our clients to develop a winning a strategy based on how the law effects their individual needs we have gained an indepth understanding of what works.
 Marketers looking to target consumers need to work hard to secure opt in from all people they wish to email.  Or they need to pay a 3rd party for the right to blast to their list.  As a list broker, we can connect you with list owners who have the right people for your offer.  These partners have gone through the hassle of acquiring permission to email these individuals.  As the email comes from their ISP, you are kept at arms length of any CASL issues.   Our partners have often gone to the extent of developing greater information sets around the contact.  These include surveys, buying behaviour, demographics, index data, etc.  This will enhance and ensure that your marketing message is reaching the right individuals.  
 If you are looking to target businesses and you have a relevant offer for them.  You can still do non-permission based email marketing.  As long as the contact has made their email conspicuously available for anyone to collect.  The offer must be relevant to the duties that the individual performs; ie HR SOFTWARE for HR Database.  This offer is something the individual would find of value, sending them an offer for dog walking is not the right fit. 

When we target the right offer with the right list, the response can be tremendous.  Email marketing is still the cheapest form of DM.  Don't be worried about the issues around email marketing, if you need to get something out we can help.

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