Saturday, December 7, 2013

Email Marketing - How to achieve higher open rates

As we are doing a lot of email marketing for many of our b2b clients, we have seen a trend in open rates effected by the email. HTML messages are finding much lower delivery rates and thus lower open rates. Adding lots of images and jpegs might make the offer look terrific, but the more complex the code the higher the chance of it being caught by spam filters.   Spam filters are getting very good at catching emails that are unsolicited, most sales emails are unsolicited - even if you know the person.  Second, what is your unique selling point or USP? Why should I care about your offer.  Don't ramble on about how good your company is or bla bla bla.  If you haven't explained how you can help in the first 2 sentences, you have lost them.  Think about all the people that are viewing your message on their smart phone, give it to them straight.  This will help them straighten it out and respond to an offer that makes sense.    Build your offer around getting a specific response, are you looking for them to go to a link? Or do you want them to call you or set up an appointment.  Remember the old adage, always be closing.  Close them on a webinar or meeting, but get them to do something. The more they have invested, the better the chance they will respond or work with your group.

Keep marketing and keep growing.

West List Co.

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