Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Opt In Canadian Email Databases

West List is your solution for building the perfect email campaign with our updated, high quality, low cost Opt-in Email databases. When it is time to develop a campaign, creating exciting promotions and setting up a timeline .... is not as easy as it looks! Our professional email specialists help you put together your next campaign for maximum results. We can provide guidance with incentive ideas, promotion methodologies, copy directives and database mining strategies. Targeted Email Addresses We have over 100 million Business and Consumer Opt-in Email addresses in a multitude of categories. Many of our emails include a full postal mailing address which enables you to send direct mail in conjunction with email. This has been shown to increase response upwards of 50%! Creative Services We can help with your creative design by developing eye-catching and response-provoking graphic versions of your e-mail messages to deliver maximum results. EMail Appending, do you have an in-house list of clients and prospects that need updating? Send us your current email database and let us append e-mail addresses from our Email Append Database. Our average match rates are 25%-35%! Our Email Append Database of over 120 million email addresses is continuously verified and updated to ensure you're getting the most current email addresses available.

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