Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Black Rock Insurance Seekers - People looking for insurance

Black Rock Insurance File is a great way for any marketer looking to target people at certain life stages. Counts & Pricing Total Universe/Base Rate: 5,572,304 at $90.00/M One Month HL: 447,692 at + $10.00/M List Profile Reach insurance seekers at times of life changing moments. All these individuals are experiencing a major change in their life. Whether it be that they just got married, bought a new home, started a family, purchased a new automobile or motorcycle, or just recently became a parent, or they are a parent of a child who just turned driving age. They all have one thing in common, their insurance needs have changed. They are looking for relevant insurance offers. This file is selectable by life changing events. Insurance Seekers Include: Newly Married New Parents Seniors New Automobile Owners New Motorcycle Owners New Home Owners New Mortgages Parents with Children Turning Driving Age Small Business Owners Other selects on this file include: Gender, Age, Household Income, Geography and many more.


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