Monday, September 23, 2013

Looking for high performance lists - not an easy task

The world of Direct Marketing is full of CPA advertisers looking for results.  Gone are the days of spray and pray it works, with no thought to the overall ROI.  Being able to test a file is very important, many large list holders will only do large deployments of the file.  This is a huge mistake, sending a blast to small random sample of your list will ensure success for all involved.  There is nothing worse than a potential client walking because the supplier is asking for to high a price purely based on trust.  Your list may be a good one, but the customer doesn't know that and what do they have if its a complete flop? Are you going to give them a refund, probably not.  Doing a small test file gives everyone full transparency and the client can better price your file and how much it will generate for their bottom line.  Clients like this are what makes our business successful.  Keep testing and keep blasting.

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