Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bill C-28 Damaging to Business to Business Commerce

As the regulators bring Bill C-28 into law and start to enforce the bill, small b2b marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with new clients.  The bill represents an incredibly shortsighted view for lawmakers and thought it protects the email accounts of Canadians everywhere, it limits the ability for small businesses to reach new potential customers.  This will do far more damage to the Canadian economy than it will limit spamming and stopping the annoying emails we all get.  The main purpose of email from the beginning was to simplify communication and make it easier for businesses to connect with other businesses.  With the confusion of peoples work email and personal (home) email, we have lumped the two together when they should be entirely separate.  If you are emailing your aunt about brunch at your grand ma's on Sunday you probably shouldn't be doing it from your business or work email. Similarly, if you sent a business proposal you probably would be sending it from your account? Email accounts should be properly used for the right purpose. 


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