Saturday, December 4, 2010

Industry Leader Responsibility - Step up already

This mission statement is aimed at the Leading List Brokerages in the Direct Marketing world. In recent years we have heard and seen unethical practices revolving around list managers calling mailers direct to offer better net rates, lower commissions, essentially cheaper prices if they bring their orders direct. This unfortunately devalues the entire industry and hurts the industry. My blog is meant to change the view that the rest of the industry is the enemy, it should not be this adversarial. It is one thing to compete, but using information that is provided as part of the purchasing process to go direct to a client is unethical/corrupt.

The Large players in the industry should be encouraging new list brokers to become educated and drive more business to direct mail. The biggest challenge with the direct mail method is if it isn't done properly the marketer never gives it another try. Especially with so many other DM and Digital Marketing methods that can be easily quantified. When a seasoned list broker knows which lists to recommend the whole industry benefits. Stealing business from that list broker is a short sided practice.

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