Friday, September 4, 2009

Job Risk and Income Risk Analytics

West List Co. is proud announce a new marketing partnership with Scorelogix.

Scorelogix, a pioneer in job risk and income risk analytics, Income Stability Score™ (ISS) and segmentation grades derived from our Job Security Index (JSI), and the Local Economic Health Index (LEHI), and the JSI, LEHI and Unemployment Risk for your reference. Their prospect scores and segmentation grades are very useful to marketers who want lists that reflect the economic characteristics of their lists’ members. Using their score and grades individuals, from those with the financial ability to purchase goods and services to those with essential needs such as catastrophic health insurance or mortgage assistance can all be targeted more effectively.

The kind of value enhancement they offer is even more important today, when purchasing capacity is down, and should be a real asset that can only enhance lists and improve ROI.

We are excited about what Scorelogix will bring to some of our larger mailers and will continue to present them at every opportunity. If you have any questions or would like to review how this may benefit you, please give me a call.



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