Saturday, April 4, 2009

Expected click and open rates for Email Blasts

A question that we seem to get alot in regards to email marketing is what kind of open rates we should expect with our email blast. Also, what is a good range and how do we determine if it is successful. Here are some rules to live by to help you determine the success of your next email program. For B2B email marketing the open rates are often lower than consumer blasts. An average open rate will be 10-18%, anywhere in this range should be thought of as successful. If it is lower you may want to work harder to target the right individuals. Business to Consumer email broadcasts are often higher on the open rates, usually 15-25%. The challenge with consumers is on the conversions. Consumers have become very guarded with their information and as a result will not respond to even the most intriguing offers. Consumers focused emails work best to create buzz for an event, send out a printable coupon or just communicate with a niche.

A business contact is often less likely to be sent spam. Hotmail, Yahoo and MSN accounts are often the most likely to be spammed. This makes it difficult to get through the gate keepers and present your offer as a trustworthy individual.

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