Friday, December 26, 2008

How does Addressed Mail work??

Today is all about what is new and cool - and is anyone else doing it. My friends now is the time to ensure that your doing programs that are guaranteed to work and have been working for over 100 years.

Direct Mail, when done correctly is the best way to grow your business. There are two types of DM, the first being addressed direct mail and the second being unaddressed ad mail. Often called 'Householder' direct mail.

Addressed Mail - Traditional Package

- This is where it all begins with your DM efforts. If you haven't done the basic format, you may be missing out on higher conversions with lower printing costs. The package consists of an envelope, a brochure, a letter, an order form(optional) and a reply envelope. The reply envelope should have your indicia on it for return.

A few thoughts to keep in mind about the envelopes. Before you start using oversized envelopes, keep in mind that the cost of postage will increase with the oversized envelope. If you haven't tried the traditional format - don't just do what the printer/lettershop suggests. This isn't going to guarantee increased customer acquisition.

Are you going to use a lot of color? It will definitely increase your costs - but it is important to have some color/colour in the piece.

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