Sunday, June 22, 2008

Email Measured Success - Lesson #1

As mentioned, here is the first in our effort to de-mistify the process of know where your clicks are going and what people are finding the most interesting. You may be promoting the wrong services or products. I recently input an analytic program for one of my mailers who had know idea where people were clicking on his site or what product they wanted at the outset - or what was the reason they came to the site.
Google Analytics allowed him to get a better understanding of the geo, keywords, pages visited and links clicked. This was implemented at no charge from Google. To this end, providing a specific report for each page you are linking to in your email blast. Yes, most email blast software does tell you which link is the most clicked. But it won't tell you how long the person spent on the site. The bounce rate - where they live, or any other data on these people. Google Analytics will also help Google Crawlers better understand your site and what you have to offer.

Conversions - For ecommerce sites our next lesson will help you better get the most out of your site.


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