Saturday, March 22, 2008

Managing E-mail Campaigns - The Best ways to Send a blast - 3rd Party Help

With all our day to day operations. There are so many tasks that we have to do - communicating with your customers can sometimes fall to the wayside. Here are some 3rd party providers who can help you speak to your customers.

If you are a Newbie....

Constant Contact has the easiest to use functionality. They provide easy to use web templates and will automatically optout anyone who wishes not to receive future blasts.

Sending Text Messages online -

MobileStorm Stun - They have the ability to send bulk text messages and emails to pda's and cellphones.

The charge for text messages is pretty costly - 35 dollars a month for 250. Email is much more reasonable.
20 dollars for 1000 emails.

Are you handy with HTML??

Campaign Monitor is excellent for people who are handy with HTML or have someone in there firm who does that kind of stuff. Costs are very reasonable - this is the most cost effective option available on the market.

Pop Commerce - Looking to do a viral marketing program that reaches the 20somethings on Facebook?? is the resource for you. This cool tool gives you the ability to send out a viral campaign, where if 10 people forward your offer the initiator receives a gift certificate.

Are you a heavy web user??

Setup cost is about $30k for small businesses.

Need help creating a web template? Using a freelancer can be a great option. Sites like or can provide very cheap options - not the kind of resource you want to base your corporate reputation on. If you are working on a job for your company, use - cost per template is $250.


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