Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Marketing North

With housing prices at an alltime low, now is the time for US Real Estate companies to look at marketing to Northern States or north of the border. As boomers retire - they are looking to acquire a property somewhere hot. Unfortunately they lack the contacts in the sunbelts to make this transition an enjoyable one. They often rely upon websearch or referral. As it stands - this is the opportunity for US realtors to make the introduction.

There has never been a better time reach out to Canadian consumers. Canadians are very familiar with the strength in the Canadian Dollar and how hard the US market has been hit by subprime.

Keys to email marketing -

1. Provide an introduction.
2. Personalize all correspondence - respondents will view it more favorably.
3. Why should they care? 3 quick point form notes on the current situation and how it effects them.
4. Full contact information
5. Don't make it to long.

Keep it simple - don't muddle your message by trying to get them to buy a property and/or lease another, etc. Simply present yourself as an asset - you are giving them a contact in the US.

For this reason, I encourage multiple mailings over time to the same list.


West List Co.


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