Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Email Marketing - Made Easy

Over the years - I have worked with many different small business owners. Everyone has unique demands, however, there seems to be one constant request. How do I stay top of mind with my clients - How do I make sure that they will remember me when they need Ink Cartridges or New Tires?? Email can be the answer - but only when done right. I have used Constant Contact for a couple years now and find the service terrific for anyone looking to stay in regular contact with their clients.

The functionality of the program allows you to email people as often as you wish in a professional fashion. User templates will allow even the biggest computer novice to add a company logo, message and signature before sending to your house email list. Now your probably wondering - how do I upload my email file to them. If you are working with outlook - it is pretty simple. Simply go to file - click Export - work through the steps and save it to your desktop. After openning an Account with Constant Contact, you can upload your file with their user-friendly tools. It is truly great to email people on a monthly basis and let them know what is new and exciting at West List Co.

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