Friday, December 14, 2007

Email Marketing - Improve your success

Are you getting the most out of your email marketing? As we continue to use more and more accurate methods of understanding which offer was received by our prospects and customers. It is very important to keep detailed notes about all your blasts. A good idea for keeping track of your results is to print a copy of the blast and right on it which links were most clicked on. This will let you know what is most important to your client base.

An example of this might be how green you have made your outfit. Put a small link in your emails, if this gets a better than average click through rate - it may be very important to your customers how you dispose of waste. As a result, giving them more information will enhance your relationship with this group.

In the body of your email you should always place hyperlinks back to your site, where readers can get more information. This is something that many marketers on the level forget to do. Spammers have mastered this skill. Deep linkage into your site will make it easier for prospects to find the additional information they seek. Sending them to the home page, is really not the best way to make this happen.

Good luck in your email efforts.


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