Friday, December 7, 2007

Electronic Direct Marketing - EDM - Reaching those on the move

As we just discussed SMS marketing - Another way to market to affluent upwardly mobile professionals is through EDM. Nokia recently launched a program called the 'Circle of Excellence' - they were looking for a way to motivate their sales professionals while they were in the field. The Program has been running for 7 years and acted as a reward system for giving the top earners regular feedback on how close they are to reaching their goals/targets. The method of communication traditionally had been to send out printed reports and digital brochures, along with promotional items.

Using mobile devices - PDA's has meant a vast reduction in printing costs and has allowed for more frequent feedback to the sales force. The Flash presentation gave the recipient several options to explore and know how close they were to attaining that prize level. This form of internal marketing is a great way to build enthusiasm amongst front line sales professionals.


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