Friday, December 7, 2007

Text Message Marketing - List Provider - SMS

If you are looking to reach tech savvy consumers - than Text Message Marketing may be the method for you to reach your target audience. With email and direct mail being so widespread - We have seen that using an alternate method can be a great trigger in direct response efforts. The most important part of this is to remember than many people feel it is intrusive. Offers that are provided must be sent to recipients who have indicate an interest in knowing more about this type of offer or product. The leaps that we make in direct mail is not suggested.

Short Message Service has been used to keep a group of past or current customers in direct contact with your latest offering. Some possible marketers that this may work best for include - Travel Companies, Specialty Child products, Event Planners and Seminar Mailers could all benefit from updating past customers/attendees with a reminder of future events and possible solutions. Done in a way that you know they will receive.


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