Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Bounce Factor - How Landing Pages Can Increase Conversions(SEO)

Given the options of information sources and interactivity that you can place on a landing page, from blogs to online video to podcasting to RSS Feeds. How do you ensure that you are pulling people into your site and providing them a reason to search into the site.

The most important of your webtrends or analytics is the bounce rate. This is the number of visitors who immediately hit back or go no further in the site and don't click a link to another page. Depending on the banner campaign your running you want to ensure that there is consistency when the clickee makes their way to a page inside your site. If they are looking for a deal on an IPOD an you send them to a page that sell Apple Accessories - then your probably going to have a high bounce rate.

Keep your offers and links straight and easy to understand, make it simple for the consumer/shopper to find the product or service they are looking to reach.


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