Sunday, December 16, 2007

Better Email - Combine Segmentation and Personalization

The following notes are from an article written by Chris Daniels in a recent special report for Marketing Magazine.

- Canadians receive more Spam or unsolicited email than they ever have. We receive 130 emails per week, up greatly from the 86 on average received per week in 2005.
- Respondents to an independent study done by GOT Corporation revealed that 84.4%
wouldn't open an email unless it was relevant to them.
- This gets to our biggest telling point. Consumers today view spam as any email that they don't view as relevant to them.
- Using email as a touch point is no longer enough. It is crucial to segment and personalize emails, this makes you a relevant retail partner and not just a spammer.
- Some current retail example have introduced and utilized past purchases when sending future email offers. When you understand how your best customers or loyalty club members think, you will be able to make relevant offers.

Use your history to set your path. Stay current and move with your customers.


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