Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Loyalty Marketing - Radio Loyalty Programs a Hit!!

Listening to local radio stations - I hear more and more invitations to enter special codes and be part of special radio clubs. Why are these prize junkies of interest to marketers??

In today's age of marketing, we are bumbarded with offers and messages. Loyalty programs allow marketers to communicate with a smaller targetted group. Where this meets with DM, is the ability to segment and select a certain group. Identifying a particular radio station can be the first move in this direction. A hard rock or sports station will obviously deliver the Male demo better than a soft rock station. Radio continues to provide unique offerings for marketers.

This just brings the thought to mind, that most successful media in this day and age are built around FREE> Radio/Google/Dailies - are all free formats and are having the easiest time in the world of the web.


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