Thursday, November 20, 2008

Business Mailing Lists

I continue to push my clients to think more about profiling and less about a customers past habits. Are you looking to get a list of people who might buy a retirement property or need business insurance? Or perhaps you want to sell Mortgage related services? Instead of looking to buy/rent a list that has been heavily used and thus depleated of its value. Look at getting a list of individuals who are most likely to need your service at some point or currently need your service if you make the right offer.

Reach a group of people who are influencers and prospects, this will ensure that you grow your business. Keep mailing and don't be fooled by looking for THE QUICK buck as many do who use direct mail. Through frequency and communication you can show that you are a reliable and stable business. Here for the long haul! Remember - if you wouldn't respond to the offer, why would anyone else??

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