Thursday, June 11, 2009

DNC - Do Not Call to easily accessible

For years now Canadians have been eagerly awaiting the dnc or do not call list. Having had numerous evenings interrupted by a nice gentleman inquiring if I need a way weight loss solution or if I would like to subscribe to a newspaper? So the dnc has been a welcome coming for my household or so I thought. Recent tv reports detailing the ease
that nefarious individuals can download all the people wishing to not receive telemarketing calls and use it for their own marketing. Has created a dangerous loophole for everyone involved with the dnc and all the people who have signed up to hopefully prevent the unwanted phone calls. The ease of pulling down what is essentially an excellent target audience list, is far to easy and needs to be addressed.

As we all know, the people who are being pestered by so many calls are the ones who have responded and therefore qualifying them for future offers or calls. The biggest issue is how to prevent just anyone from gaining access to this information. It is after-all something that all telemarketing list owners should have access to make it effective. The distribution of this list is incredibly easy – in a recent Global News Story, I watched as the reporter using his credit card was able to download the entire Ontario list.

This situation must be addressed.

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