Friday, October 16, 2009

Canadian Consumer Mailing Lists

The challenge to get more out of your mailings has never been greater. The debate over whether to us Addressed or Unaddressed Admail still rages. Canada Post seems to be moving ahead. Addressed admail will outperform Unaddressed day in and day out.

As a huge proponent of Addressed admail - marketers have gotten lazier than ever. The lure of unaddressed admail has created shift from marketers being niche and message specific; to pushing out far and wide their message to any and all who will listen.

Examples of Lazy marketing used by Unaddressed Admail -
Condo/Apartment Dwellers don't need Roofing/Reno services
Single Men don't need Feminine products

The open and recognition rates for Addressed Admail are much higher than Unaddressed. Marketers need to ensure more of their pieces get openned.

Consumer Lists - Residential

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