Friday, November 9, 2012

Email new groups - Inexpensive ways to find new markets

Email can be a great tool for marketers to test a new segment or target audience. Finding a new group of customers can be a boon for any company. Perhaps a group that is using your product and you didn't know they were. Or a certain ethnic group has embraced a brand or food item; did you know that India has fallen for the common french fry? Here is quick cost analysis on email versus other marketing techniques.
Email - $120-350/CPM Phone - $400-800/CPM Mailing - $800-110/CPM - Truly depends on the cost of your printing Fax - $40-80/CPM
Performing customer surveys is a huge asset for any marketer. This tool is often only used for B2C marketers, usually reserved for large brands and fortune 100 companies. It can produce some surprising insights about needs and wants for all different products. Listening to these insights will make your business more competitive and agile. Remember to use opted in lists for your communication. People are often put off if they don't know where you came from or had obtained their information.

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