Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hunting and Shooting Enthusiast List

While the argument for gun control goes on and on in the political arena, hunters continue to comprise one of the largest pastimes in the country. Hunters with guns spend close to $23 billion annually on their hobby, hunting outings and expeditions. Most pursue large game like deer and elk, but many hunt small game and waterfowl. In 2013, 14.6 million hunting licenses were issued in the 50 states, at a cost of $760 million. This is BIG business. Our supplier has 9.5 million names of hunters with guns on our list Hunting/Shooting Enthusiasts. Fanatical about their hobby, they are constantly looking for gear and supplies to enhance their outings. From outdoor apparel to camping equipment to high tech attachments for their rifles, they are ready to respond to your offer. Select by gender, age, state or income to reach that niche market.

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