Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to improve email response and click thru rates

A report created by the Aberdeen Group found almost unanimous (96% of respondents), that message personalization will improve prospecting and email campaign performance. This starts with

Here are some tools that will improve your prospecting and email campaign performance with:

  •  build personalized subject lines to generate higher opens.
  •  Interest-segment relevant content to drive more traffic to your website, and
  •  In turn improve conversion rates, sales and ROI.
Personalize the message so you can prospect smarter with emails by:
  • Gathering Competitive Intelligence:  gather valuable insight into each prospect's interest and behaviors. Look for a supplier that gives you the ability build in this added information.
  • Subject Lines: Personalization in the subject line is another powerful tactic to enhance email ROI. You can include a variety of items such as; stores visited, brands purchased, interests, preferences, etc.
  • Message Defaults: Eliminate concerns of empty merge fields in your sent emails. You can set ‘any text you want’ as a default to automatically merge your default data when a recipient’s record has blank data in the merge field.

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