Monday, December 16, 2013

Marketron Interactive bringing together Direct Marketing and Broadcast

Marketers have always been in love with the reach and mainstream appeal of broadcast radio and tv. But the lack of follow through makes it a high risk reward proposition. If the radio ads didn't pay off, there wasn't really anything left but to complain and ignore your account manager. Marketron Interactive has given radio stations the ability to track users and listeners, while building psychographic information to each contact. After the contest, program or loyalty effort, marketers can then use the information to gage success or follow up with an offer based on the result. This is not available for all broadcasters, but it is something that will become more and more present. US Broadcasters have a lot fewer limitations than Canadian advertisers, they also can do 3rd party email drops without requiring the same processes as Canadian broadcasters. Your ability to understand your listener as a program progresses is another key strength of Marketron's database tools. In a tradition directmail or email drop, you can only 1 or 2 offers usually called A/B testing. The radio program can serve up new contest announcements and gage the success of responses from day to day. This takes a very engaged creative department. More important, this is where marketing is heading. Direct marketers need to be better to match the challenge broadcasters are offering. Remember, small is the new big. If you only need 8 people for your program to be a success, why are you trying to get everyone to respond to your ad? Bid an engaging offer that gets them to add information for next steps. Make it easy for your target audience to respond.

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