Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Forms of Direct Marketing Taking Hold in B2B Marketing

The number of clients that have asked me about how to use Twitter and Facebook for b2b lead generation is staggering. Everyone wants the latest and greatest. Its the only reason we keep buying cars. When people know there is something else that is newer than what they have, they are instantly interested. Thus the keen interest in social networking to grow your business. The ability to target consumers is something that the world of social media gives marketers, no longer wasting your impressions or budget on people who don't need what you have. That being said, social media marketing has its short comings. Printed material often has a pass around rate, people often keep the offer for future review. A Facebook ad is not something you are going to print and use down the road, this is limitation - the repetition can cause an ever increasing ecpm. This drives up the cost of your clicks. Keeping your ads accurate and targeted will ensure success. I also don't see these new tools as branding mechanisms. Radio/TV and Outdoor, continue to be much cheaper.

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