Thursday, March 19, 2009

Building an Effective Email Marketing Program

What makes an effective email marketing program? So many marketers think they can throw some code together, rent a list and bingo - financial fortunes.

Sorry folks - it really isn't that easy. When you buy something - what is the first thing you need to have before you shell out the dough to pick up that new shock absorber or sofa? Trust. You need to have trust that the merchant is who they say they are. In creating your email marketing program, put yourself in the position of the prospect and ask yourself. "Self, would I respond to this offer or mail piece?" If not, then you are wasting your time and your prospects. Further, you're doing more damage than good.

Work on growing your relationship with your prospect. Be the authority for you product or service and you will gain the trust of your group. Just like any other offer, you need to communicate why what you have to say is important to the prospect. Marketers have made the mistake, that email marketing is the quickest way to sales in any niche group. This may be true when done correctly, but you still need to grow your relationship.

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